Day 2 of start over week….

As I promised myself I am blogging every day for a week….Had a fantastic day….having my “Fat Secret” app on my new phone helps with keeping track of calorie counting anywhere no paper and pencil and dealing with remembering….only way I can loose weight is to count calories…and stay with it….so today…I ate yummy food, and  do not feel deprived or the need to rebel….I even got in 2 hours of heavy gardening…so exercise it was!!!  I got on the scale and found I was down 9# since we have returned from our vacation to the south…so that made my day even better…for all the brow beating I had been doing to myself I was able to say good job after the scale…so new goal for tomorrow…no more brow beating only positive mantras…stay focused on the day…one day at a time attitude helps…more exercise…

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