Day 1 of week 2

Another great day….no fears….no anxiety over eating…I have started to incorporate exercise…baby steps, but still a step never the less….I have been very focused all day and have started week two on good footing..

.My lovely daughter who is recovering from a wicked fall and a break in her arm is now on to the second part of her recovery….so my anxiety from her demise is over….she is going to be fine and will heal, even though she will be more bionic than she was at birth with metal plates, screws and fasteners in her arm…she will be able to recovery to full range of motion…even though your children grow up and become adults…they both ( I have 2 kids) will always be 5 years old to me when they are sick…you never stop worrying about them…But kudos to me for keeping it together while she was going through what I am sure was one of the worst times of her life…its so hard to see them in pain…I never once ran to food to sooth my anxious mother nerves…not only did focusing help but prayer helped…no matter to whom to pray to…

Alright rambling… on to the evening and soon off to bed……looking forward tomorrow and the weekend…feels good to start feeling balanced….good night….

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