Scale lower by 4#s….yeah

I made it through the cravings last night…water, and more water…got up thinking I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to weigh in ( I was so sure it was going to be sad news so get it over with)….so I got on the ole scale this morning….and much to my surprise I was down another 4 made me all the happier that I beat the mental cravings I was having…I went to bed last night going over all the reasons why this was happening, stress, anxiety, weakness…finally I started to think about what I  had been eating, Poof!!!  I realized that in the last 4 days, on 2 occasions I had eaten sugar, not natural, but white sugar products…then I remembered seeing on a show the effects white sugar or processed sugars have on your brain.. in the test, half the clients ate white sugar and processed food, the other group natural foods, no white sugars of any kind…the processed/sugar clients lit up a part of  the brain that feeds your addictions and remained lit up for several days,(literally lighting up on the MRI to show that part of your brain that controls cravings/addictions) cravings start as soon as the lit up area starts going dark, back to normal (the other group  in the study showed normal, a dark brain)…so the addict in me cannot handle white sugar…well duh!!!    Why am I in the predicament I am in if not for over eating the wrong foods…so that behind me, no more sugar unless its natural and then in only small amount.

I had a great day….my home made stuffed bell peppers were yummy!!  Worked in my yard,,, working on my rock garden…so all in all I am pretty happy with myself…..only one bottle of water left to go and a bowl of fruit and yogurt waiting for me….so until tomorrow…its .one day at a time….


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