Whooo Hoooo

Woke up struggling with the fact it was weigh in day….I did everything but get my morning coffee before I dragged my behind to the scale…brushed my hair, my teeth, cleaned the bathroom, anything to delay the dreaded upcoming event…finally the need for caffeine over came me and I needed to weigh in before I could have my morning pick me up…so I stepped on the scale…took a deep breath and looked  down…much to my surprise I was down 3#’s   YEAH….made it so much easier to stay to the calorie quota for the day….my anxiety of scale dread fell away and I walked away with a new look on my weight loss…I guess I am doing something right this time…it really is happening…not as fast as I would like…but it is happening…my app on my phone takes my daily total of calories for the month and averages it out, so for the month of May I have an average of 1350 calories daily….not bad since I have allowed myself 1200 to 1500 daily, I have only 5 days that I gone over 1500 C this month…so I am feeling pretty good about my progress…..Writing and owning up on this blog has helped..especially daily…so I am going to do this again for another week daily…thanks everyone for all your encouragement and following my journey…until tomorrow…


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