We’re off…

Heading out to a new adventure….excited to go check out the Feather River area…wished our RV did everything in the video…LOL…all packed with good food, no junk food to snack on, so it should be easy….taking a good book and some needle work I am working on to keep idle hands busy….been a difficult day as I went to see an arthritis Dr. and didn’t especially like to hear what they had to say, it had to do with a joint replacement, but will work on a plan to better my joint without surgery…weight loss being # 1…and add some joint lubricating medication…glucosamine…some natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric, cinnamon and be extremely careful of the way I walk and go up and down stairs….I am not going to win any marathon awards in the future…just really need to keep dropping the weight and keep positive…so until I am able to get internet connections…not sure what the camping situations will be until we get there….

keep smiling so they will all wonder whats up….

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