Well our last week out camping, in an RV I must add…no tent, no campfire for me…to old and stiff to do that…LOL  we are at our favorite place, The Royale Gorge, on the Salmon River in Idaho..its not the most beautiful place, but we really like the owners, they are always so accommodating, I know your thinking duh!! that’s their job, but no, they are really nice people on top of everything else….we have been to many places where the owners were anything but nice…and generally we drive away from them…depending how tired we are….but to sit along the river and close your eyes and listen to the river and day dream about what ever pops into it is, oh… I don’t know, simply wonderful.

.no cell service here and they just recently put in wi-fi so we can communicate via email…

I have been doing good on my journey through dieting…counting all my calories, watching what I put in my mouth.. being in a small RV is challenging at best but trying to cook up a hearty breakfast can be impossible, so I have been buying breakfast sandwiches that I can microwave in the morning, easy, but I have been unsatisfied with them, egg whites, vegetarian, little cheese…pretty boring really….low in calories, but boring and unsatisfying….so I thought I would up my breakfast calorie count and get a different product…only for the RV trip of course, I love my cheese omelet in the morning at home…so I bought Egg-o brand breakfast sandwich, egg, turkey bacon, and little cheese….up the point value by 40cal, but I was hopping it would satisfy my need for something yummier…..for lack of better word….well they are awful, I really should of thrown them away, but being frugal I ate them, I swear they were dipped in syrup….they have set off the sugar cravings in my body and I am know fighting that….I ate the last one this morning…hating myself for it, but I did…and now I am craving carbs of any kind….so I think I will go cut an apple and see if that will satisfy my inner animal….I have come to the understanding that I will not be able to ingest sugars, I use sugar in the raw for my coffee fix in the morning and then don’t touch it for the rest of the day and don’t eat any processed food at home……well I am going to have to think of a way to deal with breakfast in the RV….probably just have to buck up and turn on the dam stove….LOL

until we get home….


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