Home Again….

What a great week we were having….then the heat wave was announced starting today!!!  It was only going to be one day here at home, today, but we were in East Idaho on the Salmon River…..temps going up to over a hundred for several days, they threatened into the beginning of July…Ahhhh no thanks….high 80’s, even low 90’s is okay as long as the nights cool down..no matter where we went the heat wave was going to affect that area, but our biggest concern was driving home in the heat of the day…pretty hard on tires and motors, let alone the humans and dog…LOL  so we pulled up the anchor and headed home…literally….so home yesterday…dirty clothes in washer, RV emptied out….

so now that I am home I am reflecting the last two days of hard driving, I am regretting some of my food choices…I used the excuse we were pushing to get home, poor me, having to drive so far each day….the need for a big, fat avocado, bacon burger was a must in my mind, 970 calories later…..I am thankful I didn’t get a milkshake to go with it…I continued to feel sorry for myself of course and for two days in a row, actually 3 days ate over my 2000 calories but not over 2500, not that that’s a good thing but I did try to control, cause believe me I could of just kept eating…..Boo Hooing now big time!!  I have to weigh in Saturday…..my last weigh I was a milestone…and I promised myself I would never go back to the weight I left behind…..but I am thinking I may have back slid a little….hoping not…but it isn’t looking to good…..I have beat myself up for the last 24 hours, actually as soon as I put the last bite of the burger in my mouth, guilt started, but didn’t make me stop eating…plus I was sooo full…I hadn’t felt that full for a very long time….I was miserable…rightly so….I got up this morning, new attitude, new goal, repeating my positive mantras…

I must applaud myself (just bring honest)  for at least counting every bite I put in my mouth no matter how high the calorie #s got, I wasn’t trying to cheat myself or pretend it wasn’t what it was.   I have been extremely careful today, actually got out the tablespoon and even measured my quarter cup of onions.  I realize that life will not always be easy but I really need to work on remembering why I am where I am, and why I am doing what I am doing…the rebel who feels I should get whatever I want no matter what snuck out and took over my brain for a few days…no excuse but that’s what happened….

So here I am blogging, writing it all down, trying to figure out a better plan in the future, as this will more that likely happen again….I can’t believe how much it helps to write it down and own it…. I will be on here daily for awhile to help me get back on my journey…..

nice to be home out of the extreme heat…..so until tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Home Again….

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