Day two

Did well today….still having urges to keep eating, and eating and eating but have been able to keep it in check….for this week I will not eat after 6p…at 1500 calories today, but most of it was fruit…went to the store came home with loads of fruit made big fruit salads with lime zest….very good….have been drinking water with lemon to help cleanse my food fest….going to freeze some fresh blended fruit into ice cubes to add to my water…always nice to have a little watermelon cube in my water or fresh frozen plum juice….yumm

Beautiful weather, gardening and just enjoying the outdoors…really glad we got home before the heat wave hit in the eastern side of the state and Idaho and Nevada….I have big plans for some of my cactus this weekend….bought them new containers to move to, and need to trim back some of the growth out back…

will continue to count every morsel I put in me and am trying to get away from bread completely since it is one of my trigger until tomorrow…..


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