Day 3 and I am down another # 3

Whoooo Hooooo who would of thought it…..I had been sweating and stewing since a week back….really attacking my self for being such a fool with my food decisions a week ago….Now, I am not thinking I can do this and still loose weight, I am thinking that because I caught myself early and got back on track I am still loosing weight, I was never trying to cheat the system, ( like I would of before)  I just simply felt sorry for myself and thought I deserved to eat what I wanted because of  the “poor me: attitude and situation that I put myself into..

I had a talk with my husband about the scenario we both had put ourselves into and unless there is some one dying at home, we should never do that again….we will stop and act like humans instead of driving 10 hours like maniacs mind you because we had decided it was time to come home….crazy…it takes us 2 days to recoup at home, totally exhausted and for what???  We have this mental thing going on…we go out rving, enjoy ourselves, seeing beautiful country sides, lakes , rivers and total relaxing, but at the first thought of heading home, it becomes a mad ass race to get back…is it because we have to travel the same route to get home, maybe, is it in our little minds that the vacation is over and the need to get back is so important, maybe, but what ever the thoughts are, we need to change them….we have nothing to race  home to…were both retired and enjoying life…so WTF, so to say…..well we are going to try a different mind set next time….we are actually gong to try to enjoy the route home instead of racing through reason not to keep it all enjoyable….I do agree that there will be times that distance traveling is necessary and I am sure it will happen again…but believe me I will handle it all differently…

.As I reflect to where I got this incisive need to get from Point A to Point B in record time, well I am going to chalk it up to my dad….that is how he traveled all the time…so I will accept it was instilled in me from childhood and I am going to break that habit today….my husband as well is a Point to Point traveler so he will have to work on breathing more at rest stops and not panting like myself….lets go-lets go-lets go…we will be needing a new mantra…LOL   Stop and smell the roses will work till I think of a better one…LOL

Well lets get back to my Whooo Hoooo numbers….I am down 30 #s  I am sooo happy and glad I am through that little back slid in my journey and back on track, feeling balanced and centered….a good place to be….Now I am thinking, and have been thinking for several weeks how to instill an exercise routine in my daily life….even just 10 minutes a day would be a benefit…I joined a gym and hired a trainer before to make me go…so maybe that’s what I will do, and they even have a pool, I love to swim…I just hate the public thing….well back to thinkin…..

So until tomorrow….Whoooo Hooooo and Yipeee


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