Day 5….

Long Day…..had a night full of dreams….crazy dreams….they kept waking me up so woke up already sleep deprived.. Makes a really long day…and know I can’t sleep…crazy….

had a good calorie day…high end of my calorie quota but in range…so that’s a good thing…I did eat after 6p…I have been trying to finish my meal intake by 6p and have been sleeping better with less on my tummy…but there was very good piece of watermelon screaming my name so we could meet again all through out the night….LOL oh well I can take a nap tomorrow….

Really enjoying everyone else’s blogs…love all the stories and just reading what everyone’s about….funny when I started this blog it was just a place for me to check into, keeping tabs on myself…my daughter taught me to tag, I thought no one will read this…boring… but….then it happened and you all were checking on what I have been posting, never in a zillion years did I think I would be communicating with so many wonderful people from all over the globe…so much encouragement, and inspiration from so many….thanks for making me part of the blogging world…

So until tomorrow….


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