Long Weekends

For so many the long Fourth of July weekend has already started, lakes, rivers, BBQ’s, swimming pools, sunburns, and fireworks…..we were out for lunch today and the freeway was loaded with campers, rv’s, trucks loaded down with inner tubes and coolers….I can almost feel the excitement in the air….a couple years ago we were in Jackson Hole Wyoming, we ended up in the middle of a parade..LOL  soooo many people….that’s the year I thought that we needed signs on the road that said. “watch out for the tourist”…LOL  they were way more crazy than the animals….LOL  lucky for me we are staying home, going out for a BBQ with all the family and then home for the rest of the weekend…

I have been doing some thinking about my journey….I am going to stop stressing on the weekly weigh in and skip a week…I am on this journey to health and changing my life style of eating and I don’t want to be stressed out every week about weighing in…so onward and upward….watching my calories and back to enjoying life with no stress….

Great song….   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLnZ1NQm2uk

until tomorrow


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