Happy Fourth of July

Can’t beat Johnny Cash and his Rugged Old Flag song for the Fourth of July weekend…

ENJOY THE WEEKEND EVERYONE….Safe and Sane should be on all our minds…its dry out there….

Doing well today after a slow morning…getting a lot done, cleaning house, repotting plants, restocking the cupboards from the pantry…Enjoying the nice cool day we are having…yesterday I woke up feeling ready to go, awake and alert, happy and humming songs….last night I had a cheese sandwich at 9p, (still in my calorie range)….however when I woke up this morning, I had a carb hangover, I could barely get it out of bed at 9a, I need to go back to no eating after 6p, it seems to work for me… after a shower, coffee and vitamins I finally got the pep back in my step…got a lot of work done today I was putting off…

Good calorie intake so far….going back to 4 hours in-between eating again…otherwise its to easy to just keep eating, I am allowing myself to have iced coffees, vitamin waters, water and I made lite minute maid popsicles so I can have as many of those as I want…they are only 5 calories, and its a great substitute if I feel the need to eat….the rebel in me has been fighting with me all week about how I shouldn’t deprive myself of anything!! no matter!!   So between fighting the cravings and urges I mentally feel like a rag at the end of the day sometimes…I am not a weak person mentally,  but when it comes to food, my addiction takes over and I crumble easy….staying on top of it all; part of the process of getting on to a healthy journey….but why does it have to be so frigin hard!?!!  Why isn’t it as easy to loose weight as gain?….the pendulum does not swing fairly…just sayin…

so until tomorrow….


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