Things are happening

bar stoolsWell on my journey, its been a slow and steady weight loss of 31#. yay…but I haven’t really been able to see any physical results except on the scale…sure my under garments are getting baggy..of course that’s a sign…but really, do I see or feel a difference, not yet, part of that is I had over a hundred pounds to loose, so I am guessing I will need to loose more before I really see and feel the difference…I do understand the concept of weight loss, this is not the first time I have done this….around 1984 I lost a hundred pounds in 6 months…of course I was coming off a divorce and doing a lot of walking, and I was a lot younger…but the concept is the same, eat less, move more…patience and focus..

Good News….it did happen today….was at a friends house and she has these little tiny bar stools, bolted to the floor, so you can’t move them… they are very slim and have set the stools up for themselves obviously…however I tried to sit there a few months ago, and there was no way I could squeeze into that stool/chair without being wedged in….however today I was able to sit in it and even able to hold my hand between me and the bar freely… that was huge for me…a sign, huge sign I am on the right track…I have a spring in my step and a song on my heart that it is working….I just need to be a little more attentive to my calorie intake…and not go over 1200cal with the exception for special occasions…and then not over the high quota of 1500…after I loose another 30 I may re-evaluate all that but for now I need to stick to a plan and make it work for me…

I have verbally said out loud that exercise will start tomorrow…not stressing, just going to do it and that’s that…we are going to go check out a gym with a big pool, I love to swim and I could actually use some of the equipment too….we will see…

So I am feeling quite happy this end of the Fourth of July weekend.   its been good food, good company, lots of family time..

Noting but happiness….Soooo until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Things are happening

  1. Congrats on the weight loss and being able to tell it with the bar stools! I also have about 100 pounds to lose and am getting started (again) tomorrow with my calorie tracking app. Also gonna put a 1500 limit and see where it takes me. Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks….1500 cals for me was to much…so I dropped to 1200 cal…my MD said not to go any lower but I have been making really good choices and you can eat a lot of vegies and salad for low points…plus the fruit is sooo good right now so fruit salads have been a daily part of my meal plan…I am using Fat Secret App, which are you using…??? welcome back to the healthy journey to feeling better…


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