Monday… Monday…

Monday…first day of the week….first day after the long, lazy, over indulgent weekend….we all made our personal, private vows to ourselves…I’ll do better, I’ll be better, I’ll stop doing that or this, I can, I will, I am…Because its Monday, the first day of the week…its a new beginning after all….it happens every 7 days – its always easy to restart…right?  Why does Monday have to symbolize so much, why has society made Mondays like the Grand Pooopa of all the week days…what happens by Wednesday if you, fall off the wagon so to speak…do you just throw in the towel until the infamous Monday, after all its coming in in several days…free for all till Monday!!  I know ! –   I will wait until Monday….it holds special powers…must only begin all new life changing events on Mondays…any other day will not work…Thursdays…can’t do it then its just 2 days away from the free for all weekend…Fridays – are out as your just getting in gear for the weekend….Tuesdays out…to close to Monday…you screwed up if you waited till Wednesday…so you might as well wait until Monday…its aright to wait…right????

Crazy…I got started on this little rant from a question I was asked about when I started my journey to better health….I am sure the person who asked me if I started my weight loss on a Monday had no idea what she really was saying…or how insane it sounded….We were talking about my journey so far and out of her mouth came the question, you started on a Monday, right…like any other day would of been cause for disaster….I was stymied…I said I don’t know what day of the week it was, does it make a difference??  She kind a mumbled a little and went on to another subject….I thought – let it go….she didn’t even realize what she was insinuating…

.however I obviously couldn’t let it go….LOL   I thought about it for several hours..hummmmm  deep breath I feel better now!!!

Well having a wonderful day…started a new yard art project…that always makes me happy to be crafty…LOL

bowling balls 2 Bowling balls getting prepped by filling wholes with aluminum foil and then epoxying over the wholes…now 36 hours for dry time, then sand and start the fun part..

Under my 1200 cal quota…exercise in….weather has warmed up so my joints are feeling better, slept well…still had a weird dream but I was able to shake it off and get some good sleep… feeling good about my journey…

until tomorrow….

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