Spending the evening with our daughter and going to a show put on by the local Junior College…having a great day….life is good….calories under control, exercise done, bowling ball project going forward…balls sanded and ready to begin tiling…sun is out, birds are happy we filled the feeders, all’s well in my little world today….just had a watermelon and peach popsicle…yummm only 10 calories, really enjoying them, they help with the urge to eat….and hydrate at the same time..

hope you all are having as good a day as I am….until tomorrow


5 thoughts on “Tuesday…..

  1. Love the idea of the watermelon and peach popsicle … do you make them or buy them? If you make them a recipe would be very welcome 🙂 Enjoy your day!


    • easy to make, infact since I have started my weight loss journey I make popsicle all the time….east them like candy as the calories are quite low and they are yummy so I feel like I am getting a treat…mind thing…LOL I just put watermelon, 2 cups, 1 peach skin and all, and used vitamin water for extra liquid in a blender put in a large measuring cup so I would know how to set the calorie count and poured into my little cheap popsicle molds…46ca for watermelon – 36 for a peach – vit water 0 -fresh squeezed lime juice so each little popsicle was 10 cal each…not bad….I have also just put lite lemonade aide…my favorite so far…very refreshing 3.5 cal each….I am going to try pineapple and coconut milk…sounds divine…more calories thought….

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    • Thanks, all home made in a blender…easy…2 cups watermelon 46 ca – 1 peach 36 cal – squeezed I lime juice 0 cal – vitamin water to thin 0 cal blended and poured into my little cheap plastic popsicle molds nd 10 calories each – my favorite is just plain lite lemonade or limeade. 3 calories each…very refreshing…going to try pineapple and coconut milk…more calories but sounds yummy….LOL I have also thought about dropping whole blueberries in after they are in the molds…add a little something to nibble on…lol enjoy…let me know if you try it…

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