Tuesday…all day long….

As I sit here I am working in getting some exercise in…knee lifts, and I am working on getting back to being able to touch the floor with the palms of my hands again…I am easily past the fingers….so I have incorporated that into my exercise…and I am working on my flabby arms…I am not sure they will ever be the muscular tanned extremities I once had but I am trying….so feels good to get the exercise started back again….maybe I will see more than 1# loss, not that I am complaining, well it sounds like I am, but I’m not…big sigh at this point….food day was tough…went out for lunch….had a turkey burger,,,,I found a weird string like tendon, vein thing holding another piece to it so that ruined it for me, made me remember why I gave up meat for 9 years, thinking about doing it again… I didn’t eat the bread, but ate the vegies that came with it and I had sweet potato fries…and I have only been drinking water with lemon when we go out..so there’s that…I counted all the calories for an entire turkey burger and all the catsup I used but man was it a bad choice….the rest of the day went smoothly…I am under 1000 calories so that’s all good and I have been doing well making 6p my cut off for eating…I am sleeping better for that…I still allow myself popsicles in the evening if I feel the need, rather the urge to put something in my mouth…lite lemonade just 10cal each….yummmm  I am going to make some coffee ones tomorrow….probably not the best for late night but yummy still the same…lol

so now for the fun stuff….

blue sampler

The blue glass ball is covered, I just need to go back and add smaller glass beads to fill the spots…the sampler ball is coming along, I added a row of glass marbles to the edge of the tiles and found a bag of broken blue glass so finished this side and there is still the other side to fill in….I am thinking about it…I have been to the good will and picked up a couple more plates for the next moisac ball, got it all broken up into pieces today, I will start it tomorrow and I bought some looking glass paint to paint the other one with it, but I don’t like the way its coming out so I am going to do another blue glass one like above on the left…so I am getting closer to getting grout on them but I would like to finish them all before I start the next step….

As far as my arthritis goes…hands swollen, shoulders stiff….not sure why…probably my diet….so I am back to creams and tyl arthritis…so it goes…..what can I say…at least I am upright and moving forward…

So until tomorrow…

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