Another Good Day…

Well the infamous weekend is almost upon us…I can feel the frenzy starting with those around me…I am so glad that I can’t remember what day it is most of the time…writing on this blog keeps me very grounded… I didn’t believe my husband when I met him, he was retired, always said everyday is Sunday, because you can’t remember what day it is…well I am a believer now…on some days I have to go to my calendar app and see what day it is…LOL I know-I know I can hear you….poor Kathy doesn’t know what day it is…so sad….Ok enough on being retired….

Another good day….under my 1000 calories and good food was had all day….I did make coffee popsicles, only 2- to try them out, the top of the popsicle  was really good but what little cream I did add all floated to the top of the tray so the closer I got to the bottom of my stick the more it was like ice milk…I love ice milk but I wanted coffee…maybe next time, if there is one, I will not add cream…so I have been able to resist eating in the evening, and its getting easier every day…the popsicles are helping for sure…not sure I will weight in in morning or wait for Saturday….I will know in the least I am not anxious about it…I have been very faithful about my exercising…it seems to be do-able in small quantities throughout the day….and will be adding more as I get my stamina up…

The other exciting thing I want to mention is I am seeing a change in my face, rather chin….LOL  I think I have lost one of my double least it feels like I have… I am noticing changes on my body….something I have been waiting for since I started…I was not under any illusions that the fat was going to melt away, and with as much weight as I need to loose, I know the first 25 pounds is mostly water…with all the other times I tried to loose weight it seemed as soon as I was able to see results I freaked out and would start to eat out of anxiety….this time I have a different thought process….I am actually excited to see the changes, I can hardly wait to get down the boxes of clothes I have stored away and start wearing them..and have to start taking in my clothes I am wearing now…can’t wait…

Arthritis in check…and bowling balls are nearing the next stage…more pictures to come at next stage…

So until tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Another Good Day…

  1. When I dropped pounds recently, the first thing I noticed was the chin and under-belly as I call it. Yes, I often have to think what day it is, but dates are worse and sometimes I even need to think of what year we are in…mmmm…and I’m not retired yet!

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