What a nice weekend at my house….I spent last night sitting with my best friends mom so her sister could attend a birthday party, her mom and I have become close, so I really enjoy visiting with her, she’s quite a lady…she’s recovering from a back procedure….she had great stories about life…..we ended up sitting in her bedroom chatting till after 10p…great evening…

yesterday and today were very relaxed, I have been outside working on my bowling ball project.. 4 of my 7 bowling balls are done…YAY…I am ready to move onto another project…the hardest one is the mosaic one, its not a happy bowling ball….so I am slowly cleaning it up after the grout and will need to re grout some areas and am regluing some of the glass back on…aghhhhh….I am hoping it will be worth all my effort….I was also able to finally finish the rolling pin I gave my new daughter in law at her bridal shower…I passed around a wooden rolling pin for everyone to write something on and it needed to have polyurethane to seal it. so while I sealed the balls it got done….only has taken me a year….so sad….

4 balls donerolling pin

Our County Fair has come to town and we are going on Tuesday….I am looking forward to checking out the quilts and the Hall of Flowers….always gives me ideas…I am not even worrying about the food there as I am no longer stressing about food, I am in control and I know what I can and can’t have.  I have not binged in over a month and a half and have been stopping at 6p every night..I still have my popsicles in the evening and have my vitamin water but, no food…I have been under my 1000 calories all weekend and I am full…I have been having big bowls of cooked carrots and adding raw celery to everything for crunch…seems like maybe I have grown up and like my mom would say,” I am behaving myself !!”  whatever the reason, I am so happy that I turned the corner and have my food issues under control…I have also been getting my exercise in everyday..its still not a lot but something is better than nothing…and I am feeling more energy and that’s a good thing…no napping in the day anymore and no matter what time I go to bed I am up at 7 – 7:30a…so its nice to see things happening…

So until tomorrow….


13 thoughts on “Sunday…

  1. Enjoyed admiring your art work. I’m also glad to hear you are more comfortable about controlling your nutrition and exercise. The mind is the first thing we need to work on when discussing weight control and exercise. If we are not committed to ourselves the likelihood for success is very low. Glad to hear you’ve cleared a hurdle. Wishing you all the continued success in the future.

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  2. I love the rolling pin idea and am going to steal it for my daughters Bridal Shower on Sunday …. she can use it to threaten her husband with when he steps out of line (my mother used to say to my dad if you don’t stop that I’ll beat you with the rolling pin)


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