Monday, just another day….

Good day, hot day, busy day….I was  up again before 7a…full of energy and ready to go….I have been forcing myself to eat breakfast, something I never did before…and it seems to be holding me until after 3p…not sure if that’s a good thing or not….I don’t want to eat if I don’t feel hungry, I am drinking plenty of vitamin zero water, and plain water, I have cut my caffeine intake to 2 cups in the morning from drinking coffee all day and then the cold as ice coffee… I am not having any afternoon napping urges..  before I was waiting 4 hours in between meals and was watching the clock like a hawk after a mouse…but now I have to remind myself I need to eat by 5p so I can be done by 6p since I have quit eating late…crazy compared to how I used to be…I guess you can teach on ole dog new tricks…LOL

so if anyone has any input, I am open to suggestions…???

I am getting my exercise in during the day….I do some at noon, then again a couple hours later and then finish it up before I go to bed…works for me…when we are out on the road in the RV, I will do the same thing at the rest stops…a little here and then a little more at the next stop…so I have that worked out….the food is under control while we are on the road…

With the warm weather my arthritis is in check, no aches, no pains today….

Today we went and  picked up a couple more bowling balls…call me crazy…but the ones with the rocks are my favorite and I want a few for the front yard…seems I may have a new addiction…frigin yard art…LOL

Until tomorrow…..

2 thoughts on “Monday, just another day….

  1. Yay for days with no pain!! 😀
    Reading your blog is a delight, you know. All the positives with your weight loss and exercise…..I hope I can be posting like that one day (((hugs)))


    • I feel I am finally at a place where I am getting comfortable being who I am, no matter what weight….I have always been the one to look on the positive side of life…its to short not to….you will get there….never give up on yourself…

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