Doc Matin rerun Wednesdays…

I can’t seem to get enough of this comes on every Wednesday at 9p and I  am on my third time around…perhaps its an obsession at this point…LOL  anyway its great British humor, my favorite kind…

Well I am paying for the little tiny taste of maple fudge yesterday at the fair…my brain has lit up and is begging for more sugar, I have had nothing but cravings all day…but I have not given in…yay….I did have a big bowl of sweet juicy watermelon and a nectarine this evening, so that has helped satisfy some of the sugar cravings…I do love maple flavor….I have stayed under my 1000 calorie its all good….exercise is done….so I didn’t give in and I feel pretty good about that…something is happening in my mind and its all for the better….

Weather is cooling down…the wonderful natural air conditioner has returned –  the fog so it will be a nice night…my hands and joints have already felt the change in really is a bitch to get old…

So until tomorrow

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