Just another good day…and its Thursday::::

dali lama

I came across this great quote on Facebook and just wanted to share it…I read and follow the Dalai Lama and believe in what he has to say…for sure he’s a good man…not many left in the world….I am not talking about family and friends, I am talking about men that represent something bigger than themselves…by choice…made us notice them, respect them, even worship them….

I question my judgment since all the other men I thought were “good” men have been shattered, over and over again…Tiger Woods, had me fooled until the night his wife took a golf club to him….Bill Cosby….nothing to say on that, just disgust, Lance Armstrong, never did I think he was doing steroids…Ha! I was wrong yet again….I followed him on his tours…what a frigin looser…there are many, many more, and yes I can’t imagine the pressures they were under in their circumstances, but really, didn’t they have any dignity for themselves, or was the power and greed for money to compelling to just say No, I am not the best, I can keep my dick in my pants. I am faithful to my wife and family…It baffles me why good people are so stupid….oh well enough on my rant. we didn’t even get to the baseball players, the bad cops…I could go on and on, but I will stop…

Well today was just another good day all way around…had lunch with a good friend and her mother….stayed under my 1000 calorie count for today…I have bumped up my exercises, my stamina is increasing so I figure it must be time….still doing them daily and still spreading them out over the day, some here and some there….so I am building my stamina real slow…after we get back from our RV trip I am going to join a gym and get into a routine and get some swimming in….the pool will be real good for my arthritis….

Exciting news….I am starting to fit in some of my old clothes…nice to see the results…finally, other than my undergarments fitting looser, I am waiting for a magical number I have set for myself before pull the rest of my clothes down form the boxes and get out my sewing machine to take up seams….I will also go see my MD and get a new set of labs done and reevaluate my medication…I am only on 2, thyroid and HCTZ to help keep the water away from my heart…my BP is on the edge….if it went any higher I would have to take a BP medication….no thanks…so I am getting excited about that next step in my journey…

so until tomorrow


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