Whooo Hoooo

Well I am down another 3#’s…making it 44# so far..feeling the energy of not carrying that weight around…I am starting to see a difference in my clothing, yay!!!  I have stepped up my exercise regime and still at 1000 calories….I am giving my body a break on the day I weigh in making it an exercise free day, but still trying to keep the calories below 1200 on that day…have to have a little incentive every week..I can’t believe how easy it has been this time…last year I spent some time at Overeaters Anonymous…I believe that some of the steps that they work through helped me over come some of the guilt and sorrow of loosing my older sister a few years back…I was surprised at how closely I was already living to the 12 step program without even realizing it….I am thankful that I found an outlet that was able to finally find the pain deep down inside that I had been trying to eat away…I not only feel lighter in weight but my inner soul is shining a lighter light these days….life is good….

I am on my way this morning to Saratoga, down by San Jose, my daughter is taking a survivors course in the wilderness with a group…my daughter in law and I are driving her down and we will play in Saratago for the day….

so until later….YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE


14 thoughts on “Whooo Hoooo

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments and feeling so much better. With my experience, when people are consuming 1000-1200 calories/day, they have a tendency to become fearful to increase the calories needed to match their metabolic needs. You also do not want to slow your metabolism down by not consuming enough calories. I am writing this to provide you some advanced time to figure a plan to graduate the calorie intake needed for the future. You don’t want to wait until its upon you because the fear has a tendency to say, “I’ll continue on my current path because it is working.” Just remember, you are and will continue to succeed because you understand the lifestyle changes needed to succeed. If you stay focused on dietary behavior (and exercise) the scales will take care of itself. Best of continued success on this wonderful journey!

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    • Thanks I need all the help and advice I can get….I knew I had to cut calories and up exercise to get my metabolism to start working again….I feel full most of the time, I eat really healthy food 99% of the time and keep my fluid intake up….I am not sure when I need to increase my calories as I just lowered them from 1200 to 1500 to 1000 2 weeks ago….I also take mega herbs and vitamins….I don’t feel deprived of anything at this time, but I know I can’t live on 1000 calories forever….????

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  2. I am going to give you my email. It might be easier to provide you some direction (if you would like or feel you need any assistance) without taking up your blog site. You can write to me at: JNCtheDC93@yahoo.com. Sounds like you are doing really well. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Anyone willing to take self responsibility for their health has my support any time they need it.


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