What a great weekend….spending the day with my daughter and daughter in law was great….I don’t get to see her enough….and being there to support my daughter in her life endeavor’s, puts a smile in my heart….she met up with one of her writing groups to do a day of learning surviving skills in the wilderness…the one thing they all came away with, is always carry matches….trying to start a fire out of nothing really is almost impossible….but it was a splendid day….left my heart full of joy..

I took the day off from exercise and the day I weigh has become a day of food freedom…to a degree….eat something I normally wouldn’t eat…but I still count the calories….so Saturday was a 1500 calorie day…not bad…I did have some really good dark chocolate and I enjoyed it!!!  It was a chocolate shop and they sold small pieces of superb chocolate….  I did a lot of walking so I did get some exercise…LOL  but it is Sunday and I am back on track…no issues…I have had my 1000 Calories and exercises will be done before I go to bed…we did clean the house big time, vacuumed, moved all the furniture, so we could get all the dog hair everywhere….and then did the steam mop…so that was a good workout in its self…I certainly had a good sweat going…LOL I am so happy that my journey to better health is finally taking some sort of shape…I can finally see and feel a difference…gives me incentive to try harder….I still have a lot to loose, even though I have lost 40#’s, I am working for a hundred #’s….so almost half way there…

My knee knows that I did a lot of walking on it yesterday…I had to take some Ibuprofen last night…..but I feel its all good….can’t hurt to move it and lubricate it….I need to do it more often…

on the last stage of my bowling balls….Yeah….I do have 2 more in the garage that I picked up at a thrift shop, they will wait till I get back…LOL

So my friends until tomorrow…..


5 thoughts on “Sunday….ahhhhhhh

  1. If a bad day is 1500 calories, you’re doing terrific. Stay focused on the process to getting healthy and the weight (as I’ve said before) will take care of itself. You should be very proud of yourself.


    • thanks and thanks for your email…I have it…I wasn’t being hard on myself but I know that some of the calories for that 1500 was not the healthiest…and some sugar….it did react in my body and I had to fight urges the next day…but thanks…for the encouragement

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