One of my favorite singers and songs….what can I say about Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, his music will be archived for a very long, long time….

So its Monday…another good day….1050 calories, exercises done and I am getting ready for bed…sleeping better since I am exercising, seems I put my head on the pillow and off I go….haven’t read in bed in a week…life is on an upper for me and I am sure that its all due to my weight loss and healthy eating…things are changing and I am enjoying them and embracing them….I am yet amazed that exercise is actually making my arthritic knee feel better, Duh!!!  I know that movement and strength training helps with the fluid and makes it more flexible, let alone all my other sore joints..I think all the herbs and anti-inflammatory foods I consume can’t not help!!   I am so happy that my head is on straight and that the rebel has stopped bullying me..and is actually working for me….reminding me to get up and get moving…LOL  so positive mantras, positive thoughts, positive people around you and a desire to want it….its all helpful….

So until tomorrow…


9 thoughts on “Monday…Monday..Monday

  1. Love the song and Cat Stevens! As a fellow arthritis sufferer, I commend you. I need to get more proactive with mine. I recently had to give up my anti-inflammatory and am seeking more natural ways through food and supplements including condroitin and turmeric. Keep up the good work and I look forward to following your progress.


    • Thanks…I also use ginger and cook with fresh garlic all the time…I take cinnamon, glucosamine and turmeric daily and cook with both those also…having lost some weight has also helped with the pain….Yay…

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      • Yay is right! I have been using garlic and cinnamon for awhile now and do find they make a difference. Let’s hope the turmeric adds to that. I also take liquid glucosamine (with MSM and condroitin). I have lost a few pounds and it is my goal to lose more in a healthy way. My diet is further complicated with diabetes (type II) plus liver, kidney and cholesterol problems so it is a bit of a challenge, but being a trained cook does help.


      • That would be helpful…I am trying to only eat food that has 3 or less ingredients…I do a lot of soup broths with fresh vegies and eggbeaters with mushrooms and garlic…..I have completely cut out all bread products…I use corn tortillas in place of…and make all my own salsa and they are only 70 calories each…I also have cut our all oils….I buy lite salad dressings at Trader Joes and a fruit stand I go to….I certainly feel better and can tell when I do not use my herbs..


  2. Sounds like you’ve undergone quite an education. Learning can be fun. It also turns the “sacrifice” of healthy eating into an adventure. The end result is healthier meals that TASTE GOOD! It just takes a little creativity and a little effort. But aren’t you worth it?!!

    As you continue to improve your own life, I hope you become an advocate for others. People who have suffered from weight management issues provide great examples to those seeking change. I’ll bet you would be terrific.


    • Thanks, I would offer my help to anyone who needs it…I have had weight issues all my life, in 1981 I lost 111#s, after a divorce and I walked everywhere…my car broke down and I was to poor to get it fixed…LOL so I resorted to using my legs and taking the bus…LOL kept it off until I had my son 1987, I was in another bad marriage and the only thing I felt I had control over was my eating…so I started to put weight back on, and then the loss of my sister in 2007 is what tipped me over the top, I ate to relieve the pain…didn’t work…but I didn’t stop…so after much agony and guilt I went to Overeater Anonymous and worked through some of the steps and I believe they broke the cycle I was on…so here I am on my way to health again…YAY So yes I would be more than happy to talk with anyone who needs help or guidance…I have been there more than once…My name is Kathy and I am a food-aholic….

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