Just another Tuesday….

Weather has changed…cloudy and windy…my knees, hands and other joints are talking to me….I am afraid I am going to have to take some ibuprofen tonight…already used bengay….

Been a good food day…..went out for breakfast…nice when I don’t have to cook…good lunch…I had a wonderful salad with a huge peach in it…I love fruit in my salads, had a nice balsamic vinegar dressing…it was past yummy…I believe I am over my 1000 calorie quota by 62….some of that was my popsicles…so all in all – a good day….I have not had any trouble getting in my exercise….I have increased each set (was 40) by 20 reps and that is making me push a little harder (5 sets)…and that’s all good…my shoulders are screaming at me but I try to use them as much as I can through the sets…I find if I wait until after 12 noon, I can move easier so I begin my exercise then…and spread the sets out over the afternoon..seems to be easier on my joints…

So I am dealing with the reaction of the food I ate on Saturday, the chocolate and cappuccino blast from Baskin-Robbins…my face is acting like I have been out in the sun…my nose is peeling, my cheeks red and extremely tender to touch…nice….just like a bad allergy reaction to sugar…surprise, surprise, surprise….I have yet again learned another lesson…I am sure one small piece of the delicious dark chocolate would of been fine…but I had several….and I had been craving a capp blast, since I seen it on a commercial on the boob tube, (I am sure they were sending out subliminal messages), so I gave in to that also…won’t do that again….nice to know that I had purged my body of sugar…everything else that day was all healthy food and drink…oh well…I have been practicing the eating less is best and I lost my control when it came to the special chocolates….next time….only one…..I have the control…I am in control…I will be in control….so I am off to lather my face in Vaseline intensive cream, taking a couple ibuprofen and hitting the hay…

So until tomorrow…..


9 thoughts on “Just another Tuesday….

  1. So, we share a love/hate relationship with sugar and chocolate! And we both gave into it. Our weather turned slightly cooler and damp and I have been feeling all of this in my bones today. Here’s to both of us getting a brand new start tomorrow. I still need to take a page from your book on the exercise front, but with getting the house ready to sell and then packing up for the real move, I think I will get a lot over the next little while. But you are setting a real good example for a regular exercise program.


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