Lifes Better…..

Feeling sooo much better today…my red, inflamed face has finally calmed down…the urges went away right away…mind over urge….plus all the water I have been drinking to wash the sugar out of my system has helped…live and learn, rather eat and learn…I did feel like a nice red plump tomato….LOL


Under my 1000 calorie quota today….eating well, I am hooked on the peaches this year…seems that watermelon and peaches have had a good summer, I had a wonderful diced cucumber and peach salad with thick yummy reduced balsamic vinegar for dinner….I never think about pictures until I have consumed it…LOL  I have also added fresh garlic to most of my meals, not that salad, but my breakfast was laced with it…I must say I forgot how bad garlic breath is…so I pulled out my breath mints and am keeping them close…I am trying to keep the inflammation at bay in my body, so just using everything I can that is natural…I am tired of my ears ringing when I take anti-inflammatory drugs….had a wonderful French onion soup for lunch…It hit the spot, warm and gooey with cheese, and savory onions in a good broth….also very filling…

My exercises are going fine…I need to add some arm and back exercises to my regime…I can’t say I like it, but I am getting it done….that’s the main thing…

Getting excited about our next road trip…just a few days until departure….

So until tomorrow….


15 thoughts on “Lifes Better…..

  1. Thanks for reminding me about the tumeric. I meant to follow that up at least a year ago and will probably have forgotten all over again by the time I get to the shops again. We are also having chicken schnitzel tonight…not quite the turmeric thing.
    Love garlic! xx Rowena

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