I did it…..I commited

swim    I have done it….I joined a gym today,            it is 8 miles from our home….my husband and I went this morning and had a tour and checked it all out, signed up and I was back there in the pool by 1pm….swam for about 45 minutes and then uses the sauna and steam room…felt great….there is a 8am water aerobics class, I will be there…Its a smaller gym, nothing like 24 hour fitness….but it will work for me…when I get back I will find a good trainer and get some help setting up a routine on the machines….very excited I am upping my exercise, last night I was trying something different, I was doing some core exercises and my old arthritic knee was against it from the beginning…I think that the pool and the heat of the steam room and sauna has helped…its not screaming at me anymore…YAY…so I am excited!!!!

Other good news….I lost another 2#’s, making that 42# all together, so little by little the weight is coming off…so that made me feel good today…I am under 1000 Cal tonight, 872 to be exact….I have had more than enough food and I am way over on my fluid intake…so its all good…..

salad   Can’t seem to stop eating peaches,          today it was another cucumber, beet, radish and peach salad with reduced balsamic vinegar…yummy

getting excited about our up coming journey…ready for a road trip…

Sooooo Until tomorrow…


10 thoughts on “I did it…..I commited

  1. Maybe that’s what I need 2 do… join a gym, whereas, no distractions like when u try 2 workout @ home. Good 4 U!


  2. Congratulations on the hard work you’re putting in! Health and Fitness is a tough discipline to attain but it seems you’re doing quite well. Keep it up! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hope to see you around again!


  3. Joining a gym is a good investment. People have good intentions working out at home, but things always seem to get in the way. Remember, all your efforts are for long term benefits. When people join a gym they have a tendency to go too frequently hoping to speed the results. Unless you are an exerciseaholic, 3 times a week is a good frequency to start. Just like gradual weight loss is more likely to remain off, long term success in a gym is based on setting a frequency that is easy to accomplish. If you want to go walking in addition or on days you don’t go to the gym, that is fine. 27 workout outs over 9 weeks is a magic number. At this point, exercise becomes a natural part of your life just like breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope you enjoy the experience.


    • Thank you for that…I am not working on the equipment yet, I have a bad arthritic knee (only 1/2 of it) that won’t let me walk very far without swelling and giving me hell, I am trying to stay away from surgery for a few more years…I feel loosing weight and proper nutrients will help me stave off the surgical knife for a few years…I have been using the pool to walk in, I have been every day for 3 days and walked for 20 minutes and then swan some,, I have done water aerobics before so I know a few moves, I am also doing the side step to help strengthen my knee stability…I was going to ask you what the difference is between walking 20 minutes in the pool to a 20 minute walk outside on a path…is the water walk still around a mile like the path walking??? Also should someone wait for the hunger pangs your stomach sends out before eating a meal…I never have them…should I wait for my body to tell me its hungry or continue as I am, which is waiting 4-5 hours inbetween meals, last meal over between 5-6p….some nights as early as 4p ? I respect your opinion…

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      • There is a big difference walking in water and walking on land. In water, there is no gravity. You can improve joint mobility, however, many people are concerned in our age group about osteoporosis. Resistive exercises are needed to stimulate bone production. In your case, if the knee swells while walking on land, you should certainly minimize aggravating the knee. How would it hold up on a stationary bike? This would provide variable resistance, however, would be NON weight bearing.

        Eating at regular intervals should help stabilize sugar levels preventing spiking . I would not wait for hunger. This is your body saying you’ve gone too long at it is providing a warning. Eating up to 6pm should work great.

        Glad to see the gym is going well for you.


      • Thank for always replying with great info, yes I have been diagnosed with OA, when we return from our trip, I am going to start on the recumbent bikes they have there and possibly hire a trainer to help set me on a circuit of machines that will be low impact on my shoulders and knee joins…I guess my question about walking is, it took me 20 minutes give or take a couple minutes to walk a mile on land, is it the same in the pool, 20 minutes of brisk walking a mile also??? Now that you said that about the eating,,,,I am remembering being told that by my doctor…lol I always thought you should wait until your body ask for more food but I am guessing its more important to keep your BS at an even level…I love the pool at the gym…I was always first in and last out when I was a child at the lakes and rivers we swam in, my mom always said I looked like a prune….LOL thanks for taking the time and helping me through my journey…have a great Sunday…kat


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