Sunday….night before the journey….

Well the RV is loaded, full of gas, just need to put the final bits and pieces in and were off…

Another good day…under my 1000 cal 980 calories….so all good on the food side…made it to they gym….I forgot it was kids day at the pool, I counted 19 kids and parents in the pool…I took a deep breath and in I went….got my 20 minutes of walking in even though I had to duck away from little legs kicking and cannon balls from the sides…I wasn’t able to get much actual swimming in…but did some leg exercise and stayed for 45 minutes…really loud happy kids…LOL  it was fun to watch them power trip each other…I do have to say the parents need to be a little more vigil..oh well I will go really early on Sundays to miss the crowd….

I went to lunch with my friends mom today….why is it that everyone tries to push food on you….you say no thank you, but they keep insisting…I finally had to remind her that I was not going to give in, no matter how much she kept asking, thanked her very much for the offer, of her extra bread, mind you…we were having soup…I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but…she is like this all the time…not just here, since I have been on my journey, I have been in more places where people are trying to shove food down my throat….someone even said I should just give in because they weren’t gong to stop until I accepted more than water….I left….I didn’t care how upset they got…was I push over before, did I just eat what was offered before to keep the peace…it certainly has opened my eyes…I get a dumb founded look from waitress when I ask for a to-go container before my meal arrives…LOl   and I always ask if they can 1/2 the orders, leave off the rice….I guess I need a  better line than no thank you, or I am not hungry right now, no thank you, so kind of you to offer, but no thank you….Ahhhh makes me want to pull my hair out….well that was my rant for the day…at least I am sticking to my guns and not giving in, no matter how much they push….

so until tomorrow from somewhere down the road…and oh, I did find a spot for the scale…..,


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