Fire Fire everywhere

What a DayDay…another big fire broke out north of us yesterday… So we finally got past that smoke.. When we ran into more from another fire to the west of Redding… So we drove some more.. 8 hours later we are 5 miles from Oregon about an hour from Crater Lake….just some haze, the air doesn’t stink..I am at 780 cal. Only half my exercise done…in bed… Wiped out….until I can get better reception…


9 thoughts on “Fire Fire everywhere

      • I assume you’re in California? I’ve been following this. Saw footage a while back of charred cars on a highway. Fire just swept up over the road! Crazy! Y’all take care out there. Is your home in danger?


      • no we are a quite a ways away, however the smoke is terrible….we are traveling in Oregon right now and by Crater lake where the fire is visible from the road….we re now heading East away from fires and smoke…..

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      • Good. I remember on time we were vacationing at St George Island in the Florida panhandle. It’s near Apalachicola National Forest, but across the bay. There was a decent sized fire, over 40 miles away, but we could see and smell the smoke. It was unreal and nowhere near the scale of what’s happening where you are. I’m sure it’s bad.


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