Smokey Tuesday

Well we saw Crater Lake and then drove as quickly away as we could…my husband has a lung problem so no smoke for him….we drove over 8 hours on Monday, from one fire to the next and then out of it…and this morning on the way to Crater Lake it kept getting more smoky….only to see the hills to west of Crater Lake on fire…so we were there for maybe 15 minutes…enough to see and go…we did take road west of the Lake north then East…we finally drove out of the smoke, but who knows for how much for planning…LOL  We were headed to Riggins Idaho but I went on the weather channel and there is a fire 6 miles west of there and they have closed down the road leading out north to rerouted we will be…LOL

crater 11825662_10204561952988830_4564488948569691930_njust some of the fires we saw to the west…

Doing okay with the food…Monday at 780 calories, we hit the hay at 7p and slept for 12 hours…today I am at 1037cal and no where as tired as Monday…its been hard to get the exercise in…I will have to try harder…

So up the road we go and until we have wi fi again….


13 thoughts on “Smokey Tuesday

    • We were heading to Spokane….up from one of our favorite places in Idaho, Riggins, but my brother lives in Northport and they are having lots of fires too….dam lightening and little rain….let alone I hear there’s a big fire at Lake Chelan and Snoqualmie has a fire…so up the coast and down the coast it is this trip..

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  1. Sounds like you are running into fire everywhere! Travel, safe and have fun! I’m excited for you to be on the coast. My favorite place, that’s why I live here. 😉
    A gummy bear or 2 is ok! Don’t let them get you hooked on the chocolate covered one’s! For me that can be a week breaker, if you know what I mean…lol

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