Raining at the Coast….

Better than smoke and 100′ degree weather in Idaho…..we are sitting at Cape Kiwanda RV resort and its foggy and actually raining…almost cold enough to put on the heater…LOL  we drove 20 miles up the road from Lincoln City and are in Pacific City….we drove all around and checked out the houses for sale of the share rentals…even found a man selling fresh vegies and fruits out of his truck and was able to restock out tomatoes and I even found a Vidalia sweet onion…I can eat those like an apple which is what I have been doing…LOL  We also stopped at the Grateful Dead bakery…..yum is all I can say…they make the best scones….and the place was packed on a Friday morning….I have been a little over indulgent today…scones and a burger for lunch….I think I am done for the day….only water and lite lemonade for the rest of the day…

I can defiantly feel my joints today….the swimming pool is crawling with kids since its raining and the beach is empty,  stopped counting at 22…so not sure I will make it there today, there’s an hour in the  morning for adults so I will get there at 8a tomorrow….should all be good… I will add a few more photos….

IMG_20150814_150934047 11887985_10204579328783214_4934735672010046893_n 11896235_10204579329383229_775214820251641784_n cape kiwanda

My husbands a little grumpy about the weather, but I am in heaven…love the coast….

So until tomorrow…..


20 thoughts on “Raining at the Coast….

  1. I make French onion soup with … French onions oddly enough as I am in France but those sweet vidalia onions have my name on them! Apart from that ‘everybody must get sconed’ has to be the best invitation I have EVER heard! Enjoy 🙂


    • LOL I didn’t realize you were in France…..LOL and I can’ t go on enough about the sweet onions…..but there must be sweet onions over there…??? And they were the best scones,…I had a hazelnut, chunk chocolate….yummmm my calories have topped out at 1500 today,,,,mostly carb counting…LOL

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  2. Finding positive moments on vacation when the weather and other factors interfere with the intended goals is a great attitude. Why add stress to one’s life when we are attempting to leave it behind? Some unanticipated moments truly become memorable moments. Although I wish you and your husband the best of circumstances, I hope the two of you achieve many memorable moments. Safe travels!!

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    • thanks….I actually love the rain…being raised in the rain forest along the northwest beach I am right at home in the rain….LOL I am trying to get my husband to see the beauty of it….but that’s pretty hard…LOL

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  3. Can relate to the lugubrious weather a bit lately. You just want to find that power switch in the sky and turn the sun back on. That said, give me 3 months and I’ll be complaining about the heat! xx Rowena


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