Hello from the Oregon Coast….

11863215_10204589254391348_2362900895907069384_n 11870756_10204589660761507_6925814333635271341_n 11873521_10204589252911311_7538353343585174002_n 11885337_10204589713842834_7995772127247012941_n 11885404_10204589646481150_1517130740124185525_nHad to share some of the coast line we have been traveling…and of course our Border Collie Chika…she is always the most comfortable of the group…LOL

Have a wonderful time…exercise has eluded me, I am trying, I have that much to say, I need to work a little harder at it…most days I get in at least 2 – 3 sets…I a not sure why I am being so bull headed about it..(Iforgot my swimming clothes so no pool for me, anyway wasn’t sure I wanted to get in with 20 other kids screaming and peeing in the pool…LOL)..we are trying to get in some good walks but with out old dog with hip dysplasia it makes it slow going…

I had 2 days at 1500 calories, well one at 1600 but how often am I going to get to the Grateful Bread Bakery…at least I didn’t eat all the scones in one setting…LOL  my husband polished off my favorite..pumpkin blondie..LOL  oh well…and yesterday we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese factory….you know how quick points add up there…but I walked out without an ice cream and was just over my 1000 last night by 90 calories (dam roasted hazelnuts my husband bought) so not to bad…..

we are still smoke free here on the coast, I would hope so, the wind is straight off the ocean…LOL…my son called and said the air quality was poor at home so we are just taking our time getting to Port Angeles….then I believe we will turn around and come back the same way….

Both our joints are screaming for the Arizona sun, but we are not listening to them…more herbs and creams, and my sister gave me great arthritis gloves that are wonderful on swollen, achy finger joints….

I don’t always have wi-fi so…but I am using my phone…its a little rough at times but still it works…

more pictures to come as the days roll by….

Until tomorrow or whenever…lol

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