We have landed on Washington State Coast

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We have made it to Washington State….was up and in Astoria before 6:30a and headed to Safeway to get loaded up again…LOL  the bridge picture is the long Astoria bridge over to Washington…little hazy with the sun just coming up…and the flowers are all over downtown Long Beach and Ocean Shores in Washington….I love the flowers on the coast….they are soooo happy…We are going to the kite festively on Friday, there are sooo many people every where….we are used to traveling on the off seasons so its a little over the top for us….

Wi-Fi is just that….maybe you have – it maybe you don’t….guess I can’t complain being out on a narrow peninsula  lol   Food is going great….back to 1000 calories the last three days and have yet to feel hungry..been able to buy fresh tomatoes and fruit at stands by the road…so yummy….making salads with fruit and cheese from Tillamook….alls good in that area….

Getting some exercise in….so I feel better about that…just doing it and stopped fighting it….so easy to make excuses….wish I had the drive to want to do it…will walk to the beach today..its about 5 blocks, can’t take the dog as her arthritis is acting up and its not fair to make her suffer needlessly….I have been living on Ibuprofen so I feel better, no amount of herbs, or cream is helping….overcast and cool out today, but no problem….I love this weather….just not my body or husband…LOL’

Will finish before I get booted off here…we are at Ocean Park on the south side of the Washington Coast….Kite Festival in Long Beach about 5 miles away…its one of there big annual events…..

until tomorrow I hope……


8 thoughts on “We have landed on Washington State Coast

    • Port Angeles is our final destination….my sister lives there…I used to live there, Forks and Kalaloch…love the Washington weather, my husband is freezing to death…LOL I love the Seattle weather but not in the cards this trip…we will stay about a week in PA and then turn around and head back down the coastline to home..in Calif.,

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      • Sounds great! My wife’s best friend lives in Seattle and her parents live in Port Townsend, WA. We’ve been to visit them there. Amazing! Enjoy your time in WA and have safe travels home!


      • Port Townsend is a fun place…when I visit my sister we go spend the day, we have taken the ferry from there to head North up to Anacortes, another fun little town….


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