WHoooo HOooooo

Well I have good news to report….at least its good for me…LOL

First..not the good news but it is coming…..Our dog Chika has been fighting a gastric issue for the last 4 days and since the weekend was coming up and none of my home remedies were working we took her to the local vet clinic, (they are wonderful here) anyway after taking care of her ( probiotics and a bland dog food diet) she had no temp, was not dehydrated and looked good, yay……I asked if I could weigh myself on the dog scale, I have no shame, LOL  the receptionist said of course we all do it, but beware, none of us like what It says…LOL  okay, but your not me on a mission is all I thought…..since I forgot my scale at home, (consciously or sub-consciously, I haven’t decided yet) I needed to know where I was at…its been 2 weeks since I last weighed…my husband was so embarrassed, I didn’t care…LOL deep breath on the scale I went…the first time I did it I forgot to take off my shoes, so I got off quickly without looking and off came anything loose hanging on me, shoes, sweater….my husband stood there hanging his head not believing what I was doing…LOL  well after I got off, did my calculations, it turns out I have dropped another 8 pounds….making that a total of 50# big ones….If I told anyone earlier 49#’s I went back to check my math and I was off  by 1#….and I am claiming it now!!!!!!  I sigh a big relief as my exercise has been poor, however my eating has been very good….so after I told my husband I was down another 8#’s he wasn’t so embarrassed for me….the girls in the office said the scale never says that for them…LOL   I told them they just need to make it happen it will….

So on vacation, I have lost 8#’s – hit one of my first goals, loosing 50 #’s and life is getting better….my arthritic knee is not as painful…hummmm could it be the weight loss ???  LOL  and I am starting to be able to not only feel the difference but see it more….I can actually trim my toenails without moving my boobs around and grunting and groaning….bending over is easy, twisting is easy….using the little bathroom in the RV is sooo much easier, having to move the seat up a notch at the steering wheel, being able to take the steering wheel down a notch closer to my lap….stepping up into the RV without the extra load of 50#’s and the little extra step is easier, I have been walking about 1/4 to a 1/2 mile a day, no problem….there is only one downside I have noticed….the more weight I loose the more I look like my sister we lost in 2006….its kinda hard to look in a mirror these days, I have been seeing her look back at me…..in case you couldn’t tell we looked a like, she was the oldest sister, my other one is where we are headed, she doesn’t look like us at all…..and I am the youngest….hopefully I will be able to use the word smallest and mean it all sense of the word…sorry sis, but I am going to get smaller than you….LOL  challenge is on!!!  So if that is the only downfall….yay..I just say hello to Margie when I look in the mirror and then try to see me…..it will get easier…

Eating is going very easily for me, I actually brought my omelet pan and bought some eggbeaters and it is working out great….(I don’t eat chicken eggs, embryos, no thanks.) so that is one good thing I have done for myself…I don’t know why I thought it would be so difficult, oh wait I know….I was making it difficult…LOL  so dong well in that front….I don’t have any cravings anymore….I have been using popcorn as my snack food….I love popcorn so that works well…I miss my popsicles but boo-hoo for me…its not forever just a couple more weeks…

I am getting excited to go home and get back to the gym…start a routine there and see how that affects my weight loss…thinking it can only help.

I would like to just say how wonderful it is to have met up with so many wonderful WP bloggers…..I enjoy reading all your blogs and really appreciate you input…

So  until tomorrow……

Were enjoying life….I am really enjoying life now…

Until tomorrow….


11 thoughts on “WHoooo HOooooo

  1. Well done! Losing weight on a holiday is a real achievement. As you’d know well by now, I have no shame and good on you for getting on the scales at the vet’s.
    Bilbo, our Border Collie, is off to the vet’s for his shots and a check up. The last time I went, I got quite the lecture about his weight. he was 38 kilos and we realised that he’d been getting about 6 extra meals a day eating all the kids leftovers. Mine were terrible eaters. He has lost quite a lot of weight and we are a bit concerned he might not be well but he does quite a lot of running, chasing the ball at the beach so perhaps all those extra kilos just fell off. We;ll see.
    Hope your dog is okay xx Rowena


  2. Amazing! You are such an inspiration.
    I started today and got Fatsecret on my tablet so I can keep track. Not as handy as on my phone but one of my girls says I can use her old iphone and it will work on that hopefully.
    Glad the old pooch is getting better.

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