My downfall the last 2 days …popcorn…i have ate 1500cal the last 2 days…everything over was popcorn….aghhhhh…..at home i hot air pop it …you can get a lot for little calorie intake.. So no more till i get home…so maddening…. Everything else food wise is right on…still doing fresh vegies, salads, did have a lean cuisine for dinner..arthritis is better… Our rv trip is taking yet another detour.. Rain coming to the coast. No need being wet, so inland we are heading…warmer-sunny weather..not sure about cell reception so may be out if commission till the weekend..

Until the next cell tower… Lol


4 thoughts on “popcorn

  1. When Madonna was an unknown she filled her days in cheap movie theatres, ate nothing but popcorn dreamed. At night she got herself noticed dancing at Studio 51. Clearly a powerful recipe 😉


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