back to the coast

IMG_20150826_144302079We were at John Wayne marina in Sequim Washington, now at Port Angeles at my sisters…. Wi fi isn’t an option so my phone is where I am dealing with life on the internet… Great weather till weekend, calling for 2 inches if rain…they need it as bad as California…. So no complaining about getting wet….we tried to go inland but the smoke was bad…so back out on the coast…. All well in the food area…my quota was high for three days  1500 & up to 2000 cal one day…but back to 1055 cal last night and back on track….arthritis is not happy..I added concentrated dark cherry as it helps with inflammation also…getting relief from that…will start back down the coast on Wednesday..

Until then…


12 thoughts on “back to the coast

  1. Those fires are unreal. So sad. I know it’s actually a good thing for the forest when they happen, but this is way too much to be good. Praying for anyone in its path and all the firefighters in the middle of it. Dangerous work.


    • Well I get gout in my big toe and found this relieves the symptoms almost immediately, so I started taking it when my arthritis gets real painful…has great antiflammatory agents..must be dark concentrated cherry extract… Well that’s what I use…I also take cinnamon, tumeric capsyles and cook with both, tumeric makes a wonderful rice dish and such a pretty color – ginger is also wonderful….. Yeast products are bad for arthritis….I also use glives…found them on amazon..arthritis gloves…..

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