Back on track…

Well back on track and doing well…just had my dinner, somewhat of a chef salad, minus the egg, and heavy dressing…and I am well under 1000 cal @ 930 cal…and full….I feel like I am back in control and back on my journey to health..went out today looking for a patio swing and ended up at Costco….I did really well, I touched several items I love, but left without them…did pick up some yummy cherry tomatoes…

Arthritis is lovin the weather….it was 90′ today and only going to get hotter until Wednesday…Its still 89 at 6p….its getting cooler at night…was 49′ last night…cool enough to close the window halfway…but the knee, joints and hands are all happy….

Getting my yard in order, my cousin watered and took wonderful care of the yard….I have been exchanging some of my cactus around…and going to tear out a box full of aloe vera that is begging for more room and turn in into another rock bed…right now I am trying to get to the ant nest that has taken over part of my rock bed….it might be to hot this week to do much with the succulents…

Can’t wait for the gym to reopen…Tuesday morning at 6a….I will be there ready to hit the pool….I went there the morning after we got home…the workers must of thought I lost my mind…I parked got all my stuff organized and then finally took a really good look…was it the giant dumpster pulled in to the front door…LOL  anyway I drove away trying to remember the dates the told me it was going to be under renovation…yes it was over labor day weekend… so called to get the opening date and I can’t wait…

Life is good, things are changing on my body….my wedding rings are loose enough to take off anytime of the day or night…that is new…I can cut my toenails even more easy than a few weeks ago…its not a major pain to do it…all sorts of clothing is starting to get loose, some are actually baggy….I bought a smaller size sweat shirt jacket at the kite festival….yeah…seems for years all I have done it bought larger sizes…my double chin is slowly disappearing…I can scoot the seat in all the vehicles forward and put down the steering wheels….my energy level is crazy…up at dawn, no naps and to bed around 10p….starting to go through more closets and cupboards, I feel like I am getting my old life back…I know everyone says that…and then we say…why didn’t I do this earlier…LOL

until tomorrow


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