I can’t stop!!!!!

Now that the scale has new batteries, I have jumped up the last 2 mornings and got on the scale..yesterday brought me back to my first goal…my 50# weight loss is back in the record books…YAY and this morning I lost another pound…down 51#’s…I came home and got it together, between exercise, strenuous yard work, and staying under my 1000 calorie quota….I was able to get the extra pounds off and am back on to dropping new weight….

I cannot believe my energy level…my office got a well needing mucking out…I am setting up my sewing area up stairs in the corner by a window…it gets hot up there in the summer, so looks like I will be do most of my projects in the cooler months…the dog also got shaved today…she is a long haired border collie and I love her long curly hair, but its 97′ out today and she has been miserable the last few days, so now she looks like a sheered sheep…LOL  and is a happy dog again…I also vacuumed the entire house and did a little extra cleaning in the kitchen…coffee pot got a good vinegar bath and the stove got a once over…my husband walked up to me a little while ago and stood there staring at me…welcome back is all he could say…he loves the new energy levels, its how I used to be when I met him….he has been one of my best supporters…

ATT_1441671784865_IMG_20150907_132419092Chika my 12yr old Border Collie, she hates her picture taken…

Been another great day….calories are under 1000 and I have had a great work out…my gym opens tomorrow morning. I will be a mermaid in the pool at 6am….can’t wait…

My arthritis is under control, how can it not be in this heat….we are having cool nights and that makes for a nice sleep…

So getting back to the scale…I will not get back on until Friday if not Saturday…I am just so happy I am back to loosing new pounds….so happy….guess I am glad my husband went out and got the new batteries after all…

so until tomorrow…..


15 thoughts on “I can’t stop!!!!!

  1. I am so happy for you! I dont know why you did not show up in my reader! I went looking for you and saw days I had missed! Wow allot happened! I am now owning up to my weight gain which has taken place over the past year! I had stayed stable at an ok weight for about 3 years and this past year slowly crept up! I kept saying oh no it’s this or that but you gave me inspiration to finally face it!! I am trying to be back on track!! hugs!


    • I was the same way, my sister passed in 2009 and I tried to eat the pain away…and then I got real hormonal and gained a bunch more with the ole estrogen….I gained about 25#’s in 6 months….I was afraid I had cancer or some other nasty disease, but it was estrogen…my stomach got huge..my gyno new exactly what it was…I think having a hysterectomy in 2012 has helped, but really its less food and move more…I am here for you…I know you can do it…I love to eat and it was really hard to give up the food…especially late at night…but I did and feel better for it…after all its just food…we need it to live but it should not dictate our lives….glad you found me…LOL hugs right back at you….XXXX.

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      • yes so true, after he came last time it got worst! I just quit caring! Eating crazy things I never eat!! Eat late at night and getting up to eat! I have not eaten like that for many years! So yes I am back on track I just had to accept it and face it!! Thanks! xxx


      • Stress is a big part of weight gain…do not let him dictate your life…he has no control over you and especially what you eat…please tell me you are no longer with him…???? if you are, then you need to set your boundaries and not give in…he is just a man, and no one should have any say over who and what you do …think of him as a stranger…I realize the life you had with him…but don’t give him the power….it belongs to you my friend…sorry for ranting…but I am very passionate about this topic…

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      • well that makes me feel better, sell the home split the money and get him out of your life…your kids are all old enough to communicate with him if they choose….or stay somewhere else when he is there…it must be really difficult for you…loose your 20#s and look fabulous the next time he just pops in…let him see you are doing fabulous and moving on …..

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      • perfect….you can’t deny him his kids, but you certainly don’t have to deal with him anymore….I am heading to the gym in the morning…its been closed since I got home for renovation and it is opening at 6a….can’t wait…the pool has been so helpful with my arthritis…

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    • Good for you…isn’t it amazing how much more energy you have…!!! I still have a lot more to loose, I was and still can me an emotional eater…it was always about quantity for me…so to keep track of my calories has helped me scale way back in my food intake…and I will need to move to loss…I wish I didn’t have to exercise…but I am loving the pool as I am a water baby lol and at my age I will need all the help I can to get my flabby arms toned back up….LOL IChecked out your web site…you look great…I look forward to following you….thanks for stopping by…kathy


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