Back to the Gym…

My gym reopened this morning…and I was there…it was great to get back at it.. I also started the ball rolling to hire a trainer to help me set up a routine I can come in and do without thinking to much…just focus on the movements and get through it so I can get back in the pool…LOL   I need help figuring out which machines are best for my joints…I don’t need to injure myself with lack of knowledge….so I am excited about that…

It is hot here in California…normal, school starts and the heat wave hits us…so eating is difficult during the day…we have been doing a lot of nice cold watermelon…I was hungry after 6p…it was more like I didn’t eat a lot during the day, so I popped some popcorn and had a big bowl …I am over my calorie quota, actually at the top of the numbers….its going to be as hot tomorrow if not hotter (102′)…we did triple digits today and tomorrow…and late in the evening…so it doesn’t help the eating much…we are heading for the coast, taking the RV and staying out there until late, maybe sunset if I can talk him into it…its only going to be 83″ there so lunch, naps, and a good book are in order, maybe a dice game…

The weather is arthritis oriented…my joints are doing well, my knee still gives me a little pain, but not really anything like it could…my hands are better, still can’t open a bottle or do anything that I need strength for….that’s a life change…no amount of warm weather will help that…

Well I am sitting here waiting to watch the first night of the Late Show…all I can do is yawn….So I better finish this a its starting in a couple minutes….

so until tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Back to the Gym…

    • you have been sick, so don’t beat yourself up…and don’t go into in beast mode..LOL to take it from Billy….LOL I am actually really excited, which is strange in its self…I have always lathed the gym…to many pretty people being assholes!! but this gym is in a little town where all the hippies and laid back people live…LOL so I am surrounded by bohemians…right up my alley…LOL


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