Lunacy all morning….it was wonderful…..


Day of Lunacy at my daughters….one of our favorite authors Deborah Harkness; her fan club for her All Souls trilogy books (they are about vampires, daemons, witches and humans)  had a convention regarding them in Beverly Hills in LA and we live streamed it…LOL   great fun with my daughter and daughter in law were had…..we laughed, we ate, we laughed some more, we ate some more… the table above was just breakfast, the conventions started at 9a and went through 3pm….in between during the breaks they had yoga instructions since that was part of the beginning of the first book, so we attempted the first yoga session, but the second one came on during lunch break…so we just watched and ate…LOL  anyway I think all three of us needed a day to let our hair down, eat some good food and just be together… I recommend the books, the are very well written and it takes place in our date and the 1500’s….very interesting….and we learned there are more to come….YAY…

So my food intake was high today…I had a good time, and just added the calories up in my app and there it is…I let my hair down and enjoyed myself…we had good food lots fruit and vegies….I didn’t have any champagne, I drank lite lemonade, I did start the day off with a small pumpkin spice latte…my only one for the season..yummm  it just added up….

I did weigh in this morning…and I have not lost or gained…in between my sinus being inflamed and my head feeling like it was in a vice all week, and the oppressing heat all week,  I was very pleased with that number…51# weight loss, and I am meeting with my new trainer Tuesday….I feel so much better today that I will go to the gym tomorrow, my head ache is gone and my energy is back…yay…. I am on the mend for sure….and the fog was back this morning, thick and wet….yay….maybe something to do with the vice grip releasing my head…..arthritis is a little better in my hands….swelling is down in my body…..I am thankful for that…

So happy Sunday to all…and I recommend a day of lunacy for one and all!!!   LOL

until tomorrow…


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