Sunday……all day….


Big fire up the road from us about 30 miles…the Valley Fire….so our sunset reflects the heavy smoke and colored sunset….brings a tear to my eye to look at a beautiful sunset and know that 10,000 people have been evacuated and over 1000 homes have burnt to the ground that they have been able to count…as of tonight it has burned over 50 thousand acres and is at 0 containment…..we are not in any danger at our home from this fire, it is north from us, it started in Lake County, but quickly spread in all four directions, and has hit Sonoma County and Napa County…been a long day of watching and reading the up dates and seeing the destruction…I have friends who have family that are waiting to hear if they have lost everything….so anyone who would like to give a little rain dance for the fire stricken counties would be appreciated, and oh yes clothes are optional….

Been a good food day…under 1200….no exercise, my sinus issue is almost over, and I am ready for Monday and to hit the gym/pool, and go for it…can’t wait for trainer Tuesday to get a routine down for the machines and get back at the weight loss…

Spent most the day mucking out the house….got rid of a book case that was very close to leaning to the side and never leaning back upright….under my stand by my chair in the living room is a huge basket…really big one, and it was so full of this and that and more of this and that….I mucked it out….surprising what you can gather….stuff I hadn’t even remember I had…LOL  needless to say that went into the recycle bin.. and some to the good will….got all my laundry done, cleaned up my room…that always feels good….a friend came over and restored my husbands computer, yay that saved us 500.00 dollars….the only unfortunate problem is the smoke…we just spent 3 weeks running from smoke…and here it is in our county….

Arthritis inflammation is down since my sinus’s is better, so that’s all good…

So until tomorrow….


21 thoughts on “Sunday……all day….

    • It would have to be a huge fire storm and burn through an entire city to get to us…we are on the south side..but yes 30 miles is not far….we go for drives up there on a regular basis…and the little old town of Middleton was a great place to stop and pick through a few old shops and they have a good deli on the south side of town….it will be a sad drive next time we head that way…I just saw that they found one person dead….so its getting sadder by ever acre it burns….thanks for the rain dance, I just heard it was drizzling in different areas, I am afraid we will need a downpour….

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      • Man, that’s crazy. Never been involved in one but I saw Yellowstone years ago pre-fire then saw it post-fire a few years after that. It was a totally different landscape. They say its actually good for the forest to have burns every now and then. These this year are terrible though. So sad.


      • Yes we saw the post fire at Yellowstone…we found it so crazy….one turn in the road absolutely beautiful trees not 500 feet down the road around another turn complete devastation…I agree fires are suppose to be healthy for the earths forest and underbrush, a way to clean it up and revitalize, but when they consume towns and housing projects it is sad….we in Calif knew that with the drought, what going on 4 or 5 years and with the devastation it has caused to the local area we knew if that if a flame happened we would be in bad trouble and now if and when the rains come it will be a different disaster for those affected…..crazy this cycle of weather that is happening world wide…kat

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      • Yeah, guess mudslides will be next. It’s most definitely crazy past 4-5 years. But, don’t ya know, global warming isn’t real…the ice caps aren’t melting….sea levels aren’t rising… 😔


      • Oh, believe me, so could I. I used to be politically involved, even a protest or two here and there. Now, I’m beaten down. I just don’t care what any of them have to say. If they’d all quit talking, we may actually be able to repair the ozone layer. I don’t trust ANY of them!


      • I am right there with you….I really am happy trump is then there stirring up shit and making them all come out for what they are really made of….ugliness……I am not on anyone’s team anymore…I am thinking I could run the country better than any of them and I am clueless….

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      • Wish there were a spot for “none of the above”, like in Brewsters Millions. I’m a registered democrat but I don’t like any of the candidates this go around. I’m gonna do a post about Trump tomorrow. Hope I don’t offend you with it. 😃
        I won’t be bashing him but I’m not really a fan. But not a fan of any of ’em really


      • can’t possible hurt my feelings about anyone….especially him..I am just glad someones gotta big enough ego to say it like it is….he’s an ass is anything….I am a registered democrat too…but real happy with any of the candidates….look forward to the trump bashing…

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  1. Glad you are feeling better Kat.
    That must be quite unreal watching and smelling the burning yet being told you are at no danger.
    Obviously it doesn’t really happen over this side of the pond. It would have to stop raining long enough I suppose… 😉
    Glad all good.


  2. De-cluttering used to be my business … it’s actually much tougher than people think so well done you for making such great inroads (incidentally books are generally the hardest things to get rid of behind photographs). You continue to inspire and I sent loving and warm (though not ignitable) thoughts to those just down the road facing the Hell of an uninforced declutter through the medium of fire.


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