Monday, Monday

First I must add to yesterdays post…after I finished my post, I had a sandwich and ended up adding 500 calories to my daily intake….taking me to 1649…I thought I was starving, I have a feeling, (my excuse for doing it) was the Benadryl I took for my allergies….anyway…own it and that’s that…

been a great day today….had a yummy lunch at MY noodles, MY is for (Martin Yan) good food…service was okay, lots of seafood dishes, no thank you, but they did have a good chicken curry and the chicken was large pieces of breast….and the food was fresh…shared the rice with my husbands dish, we will go back for dinner as we couldn’t order some of the dim sum items I wanted because they are only served at dinner…I had a nice dinner at home and ended my day at 863 calories and no starving munchies tonight…no allergy pills….

Kokopelli%20Rain%20Dance%20by%20Carla%20Mora THANKS to anyone who did a little rain dance, we have had a wet drizzling day and are expecting more through Wednesday…..YAY

Arthritis and joints have been telling me the weather is cool and damp….LOL

Very excited about tomorrow…11a I meet my trainer…can’t wait to get started….I will let you all know tomorrow how that goes…

so until tomorrow…


10 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

    • no I didn’t beat myself up…I was in my mind starving, I think I had a bad case of the munchies, so better to eat what you want than go through the kitchen and eat everything and then end up eating what you wanted in the end….I was very satisfied and slept like a babe on a full tummy…LOL

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