Trainer Tuesday

imagesJ5LO2B97  Well I met up with a lovely women (my trainer)  who was very knowledgeable and we hit it off from the start…in fact I think that she was surprised that I was as “gym smart” as I am…LOL  I knew how to breath through the exercise and about muscle training, all that good stuff, I had shared I had a trainer back in 2008 for several months and he was a good teacher too….We went through 9 different machines and went over all the pros and cons about the machines and proceeded through a good work out…I stepped it up to 15 reps instead of 12 X2  and we put the weights to where it felt comfortable but I could feel like I had  worked out…I signed up for 4 visits with her, I am thinking that would be enough to get me initiated back into the machine part of the gym and set me in motion…I even worked up a sweat…nice!!!  I am excited  how the day went and am looking forward to meeting with her on Thursday…its only for 30″ so I already planted the seed I want to do 15 reps X 3 sets on each machine, so in and work out,…Can you tell I am excited…LOL  she did mention that I will need to shake it up a little and rearrange my workout so I am not always doing the exact same routine every time…any ideas from anyone why I can’t…I am a creature of habit when it comes to exercise…in and focus get it done and out!!!  Not one for standing around jibber – jabbering with everyone…in fact if no one talks to me all the better…LOL  I am not there to socialize…I find the “pool” people like to talk a lot…call me unsocial, but I am at gyms…LOL and cafes….LOL I think that is why I haven’t attended a pool class, the last gym I went to the pool people were a little over the top,  even if the instructor canceled a class they would take over the pool and one of them would get up and run the class….hummmm good in a way, but really!!  My daughter and I used to laugh and have fun during the class and we were constantly getting shushed by the group…LOL  lighten up people, its all relevant, fun in the pool exercise class…they chased me out of the pool more than one time…LOL

Been one an upper all day….feel like I am entering my next  -run to the next goal – so to say stage of my weight loss…it feels good…calorie count is great so far…have plenty left for dinner and will be under 1000 calories with no problem…

the smoke is better today with the cooler weather and moisture it seems the smoke was pushed down, they were even able to go back to water dropping on the fire yesterday…so again thanks for all the rain dancing….LOL  still burning out of control, they are starting to let people in to look for animals and assess the damages…my heart is saddened for them all…I can’t imaging what they are going through….

I need to give a thank you to Paul @          for re-blogging yesterdays blog post, I am honored…thank you

So until tomorrow….


13 thoughts on “Trainer Tuesday

  1. I have a routine as you know that I change about but all I change is the weights I lift or the reps I do. Some trainers like you to “change it up” because the don’t want you to be bored and pack it in. If you are a creature of habit then tell her that and that you like to do the same thing for several weeks before you have a change around. As long as the heart rate is being elevated and the exercises performed correctly then it should not matter if you do a different circuit each day or the same one for 3 months.
    That’s my two penneth worth anyway!
    Well done Kat and keep smashing it, you will love the results!!


  2. Good work!!! Trainers are money well spent. They really know what they are doing. My friend is a certified trainer who actually had to do a LOT of school believe it or not. It’s not as simple as I thought it was..


    • yes I am glad they have to have some education other than what I can read on google..LOL my trainer seemed very knowledgeable…we did a meet and greet before I hired her…I won’t give hard earned money to someone I don’t feel will help me…LOL what can I say I am picky!!! I am only going with 4 visits and she is open to take me on when I feel I am ready for some help…so that’s nice and she was 5 bucks cheaper than the others…maybe that’s why she has a full docket…


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