True Gym Day…..

Woke up ready to hit the gym.(strange feeling for me)…had a protein rich breakfast, vitamin water and out the door I went…worked with the trainer for 30 minutes, she introduced 4 new machines and she didn’t talk as much, as I stayed really focused on my sets, breath in, breath out…hard to talk when your doing your breathing…LOL  we started 10 minutes early so I was able to hit the last 40 minutes of water aerobics…this was the best water class I have ever been to…she never stopped moving for the 40 minutes I was there…it was intense and I loved it….then I did my 20 minutes of jogging in the pool, which the instructor agreed, it would be a close equivalent to walking a 20 minute mile, obviously a different impact on your body but same basics…then I did swim the pool length X4 and took a hot tub dip and off I went…..over 2 hours spent at the gym….crazy….never have I done that before…well I have but just bobbing around in a pool…no real exercise…LOL  going back in the morning for the water class…bag ready to go….

Then my husband and I spent 3 hours in Calistoga at a Red Cross volunteer training session…over 30 people showed up to get a quick training course to help out for the Valley Fire…..trying to give back to the community….

My calorie count is 1141…so under 1200ca…I am happy with that…last meal was at 5pm…..

so until tomorrow….

18 thoughts on “True Gym Day…..

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