Weigh in Day….

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I weighed in today…finally the scale moved in the downward direction…I have lost 2#’s….yay…so doing something right….that was a long stretch…losing on vacation, in fact hitting one of my goals…then gaining, then loosing the weight a second time….then just keeping it at zero- gain or loss and now finally…I have lost another two that wasn’t part of that craziness….so I am down 52#’s and looking forward to a positive week ahead….

untitledWas at the gym this morning at 9a for the water aerobic class, the teacher is a firecracker…no stopping and full bore with a few slow moments to catch your breath….I swam before and after so it was 90 minutes in the pool and let me tell you I was wrinkled like a prune…LOL  then a hot steam and I was done…felt good…I am learning to give myself the permission to take my time, enjoy the moment and let it be okay that its all about me!!  Strange feeling, as its always been about others, the kids, jobs, spouses, the housework, food shopping, paying the bills, it was never about me before, even after my kids were out on their own, there was always a list of priorities before me…so this is kind-a nice…I have the best husband in the world who supports me 100% no matter…life’s good!!!

Went out for lunch, my son called and wanted to meet up…that was nice…I was able to look the nutritional/calories  before we met so that went well…It makes it easier if you can get a handle on the menus before you actually get to the restaurant.  However, when its my husband and just me, I take my time and google the info sitting at the table if I need to….it has saved me from some bad food decisions. So I am at 1046cal, so I am sitting pretty….

Been getting up at 7a and enjoying the morning and getting to the gym early….so that’s new and actually fun, getting a good protein breakfast in before I go….I have finally completely stopped dwelling on the “why didn’t I do this years ago” saga that played over and over in my mind, so that is nice to have come to grips with….it is what it is…and right now its all good…..

Until tomorrow….


21 thoughts on “Weigh in Day….

  1. Just remember Kath, what is done is done and there is NO time like the PRESENT so pat yourself on the back and congratulate your efforts now because it is NEVER too late.
    The other point you raised which I thought was true was the fact that when we start to lose weight and feel good about ourselves, we naturally must become a little more selfish. It is the only way we survive. Unfortunately a side effect of being a larger person is we tend to validate ourselves by how much we can help others and that HAS to stop when we need to concentrate on our own selves other wise it is just an excuse to fail. I have a friend who had lost three stone (42lbs) and was doing amazing until she let her “pleasing” side come back in and started worrying about what everyone else needed instead of taking that 30 minutes for herself to continue her good work.
    You are doing amazing Kath, keep up your great work.

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    • thanks, its so nice when the you finally are at the point to give yourself permission….soething we should of been taught at birth, but as a gril child growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I was taught the working men are first and then the kids….but that changed for me to kids first then the man then the house, etc….I was always last….my kids have always put me first…they are wonderful and support me in what ever I am doing, and my current husband is a wonderful friend and cheerleader…XXkat

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  2. Okay… I’m trying 2 figure out how they know your name was Kathy because I’ve been looking all over your blog (4 a while now) and couldn’t find it until now… BUT now I know! LOL

    Your doing a fantastic job KATHY (see I used your name here LOL) just keep moving and the weight loss will take care of itself my friend. Congrats on those numbers going down.

    Have a good weekend.

    😀 ~bridgette


  3. It’s good that you’re making progress. I’ve been trying to lose a mere 10 lbs for months now. I’ll lose it, then gain it all back (and sometimes a few more). It’s very frustrating, but hopefully I can get on track to not only lose the weight but keep it off. After all, it’s not really that much to begin with…just belly fat. Best wishes on your weight lose journey and pleasure to meet you as well!


    • as females get older we get the old belly roll and its normally estrogen…not a good thing…since I had a hysterectomy I am able to finally get some of my belly to go down…in 2011/12 I gained 25 #’s with nothing changing in my life…long story short my estrogen levels was off the charts…so after monitoring my levels for a year I broke down before I ended up with something worse than high levels of estrogen…for sure check it out…its a simple blood test…I don’t know your age but anyone past menopause stage should be thinkin about it…

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      • I will be 39 in a couple of weeks. I haven’t reached menopause yet but your info is certainly helpful!! I think I’m going to get them checked anyway…just to be for sure! Thanks for sharing


      • As a woman we all go through the change at different times….your pretty young but our bodies are so different from each other….couldn’t hurt to keep an eye on it….and I can tell you the older you get the more things happen to your body than you want…things start to point downward, tushes fall, eyes start to fail, you even get shorter….LOL proactive is the best way to go….

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