It hit 93′ at our home today…tomorrow is scheduled to be close to 100’….that was enough to scare us right back out to the coast….LOL  we will go out and sit In the cool ocean breeze and enjoy the weather….this time I will take a sweat shirt…last time I ended up with towels as shawls…LOL   hopefully the whales will show up again….


Been a good day…969 calories….yay….and under my quota…had a wonderful salad for dinner, romaine, apples, jicama, pea pods and tomatoes….yummy…. used lime and a balsamic vinegar dressing…very filling for sure….rest of the day was pretty uneventful….stay in and stay cool..I did clean house…that’s something…LOL  mucking it out…LOL even mopped..!!  hip hip hooray….

My arthritis is better with the heat…however I am having more difficulty opening jars and bottles…my hand strength is getting worse…and I have noticed the lumps or bumps, maybe they are called nodules getting bigger on my knuckles and joints…in the winter they ache… not looking forward to cold weather….

until tomorrow….

Heading to the gym in the morning for a workout and swim before we head for the coast….will do a rotation on the equipment followed by a swim before the pool opens to the children….looking forward to getting a workout in….what a strange feeling….I have never been excited about hitting the gym, as they say…LOL


9 thoughts on “Saturday…..

  1. The salad sounds so delicious! Sorry your arthritis is acting up! I hope you feel better, the heat is nice for feeling better but hot and ugh! A cool breeze sounds wonderful and amazing! Have an awesome day sister! Love Lynn


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