Long Monday rolled into Tuesday….

What a day Monday was….husband got new high tech earing aides…I had an extensive eye exam, than needs more examining by a retinal specialist…the dog had a cyst pocket removed from lower ankle, much worse than the vet thought…we left the house yesterday at 7:30a and didn’t make it home till 5:30p….and all we did was spend money…LOL  oh well made for a long night on the floor in the living room with the dog….I get to deal with her at night and my husband in in charge in the day….drain tubes out on Friday and staples out on the 6th of October..so hopeful after that the house will get back to normalcy….I am pretty sure we will have one spoiled dog at the end of this ordeal..


As you can see she is doing pretty well and you can see my new bed on the floor under the TV in the living room…LOL

Food yesterday was really good, it was under my 1000 calorie quota, then I put on my jammies, sat down and the day caught up with me…the reality of “I am getting old”  bah-humbug!!!!…LOl  really came crashing down….all I wanted was something sweet….I had a sandwich with sweet pickles…didn’t satisfy the want, I had 2 cups of watermelon, anything but sweet….I ended up with some trail mix with dried fruit….so needless to say in retrospect it was all about the issue with my eye…oh well…I see a retinal specialist on Monday for a 3 hour appointment so they can “eye drop and look and eye drop and look” again, fingers crossed they come up with an ageing eye and I have years left till I get Macular Degeneration and a cataract that is so tiny its all good…..my mom had it but she was in her 80’s….so part of my anxiety last night….not really an excuse but I really, really hate dealing with bodily problems….that need a doctor…LOL…counted all my calories (1892-cal) and called it a day….new day this morning…feel better about my upcoming eye appointment , all I can do is take it one day at a time, and I will have a clear idea of what’s going on and his recommendations…take it or leave it….

Had a good work out this morning, arrived 15 minutes early for my trainer and was able to get in 10 minutes before I met with her….so all’s good in that end of the rainbow…LOL  I still have 500 calories, so dinner will be covered easily and I should end up with under 1000 calories….no more anxiety, no more cravings for sugar laden products…yay!!

So in for a long night, I am going to go pick up a cone as I don’t think I can trust my dog – hummmm how strange….LOL  and I do want to be able to sleep at some point this week…

so until tomorrow….


25 thoughts on “Long Monday rolled into Tuesday….

  1. So many medical issues…your whole household is afflicted, eh? I can relate with the eye issues. I suffered a retina detachment in my mid 20’s…so now there’s a weird wiggly line in my line of sight in that eye. I haven’t had any problems with it since having the surgery done though…hopefully it’ll stay that way. Hope you’re able to get some rest. You seem to be doing very well with your calorie intake! 🙂

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  2. What a BEAUTIFUL dog she is …. The Bean and I send good wishes for her speedy recovery. As for you … wow! Super busy but it’s so clear that you are absolutely determined to succeed. Inspiration, that’s what you are!

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  3. I hope your eyes will be all right and good results will come out after more examination by a retinal specialist. I have to deal also with eye problems but I guess it is sometimes a part of our life. Glad to know you are so busy but still have so much fun


  4. When my dog had surgery we put a cone on him and it turned his attention seeking barks into amplified thunderous booms which woke everyone in our family. He didn’t like the fact that he didn’t get attention while we were sleeping… lol (I have a mastiff)


    • I tried a cone,,,she went ballistic…something from her past before I rescued her….someone mentioned cutting the top out of a cowboy hat and using it around his head…a mastiff…they are a special bred for sure…..


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