Liebster anyone…..

So today I was nominated for the Liebster award. Thank you, crazyphatmommy  for the nomination! I do appreciate the thought….

The rules to this award are as follows:

  • Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated me and include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.
  • Nominate other bloggers  (I always leave it up to all the bloggers if they want to participate as I nominate you all!!)
  • Answer  11 questions
  • Copy these rules into your post. (if you need the full set of rules please visit  and say hello to here why your there….she’s wonderful….

The questions to answer are as follows,

  1. If your life was a Ice Cream flavor, what would it be and why?
  2. Who is your real life hero? Why?
  3. What Actor/Actress would play you in a movie about your life?
  4. What was the best day of your life thus far?
  5. Beach or cabin?
  6. What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
  7. Name your top 3 on your bucket list. If you don’t have a bucket list, Pick 3 you might want choose.
  8. Name five items (not people) you would take with you if you were deserted on an Island.
  9. What book are you currently reading (or wish to be reading)?
  10. What is your dream vacation?
  11. If you had one wish…it would be?

My answers:   1.  to many flavors to pick from, some of my top favorites are, peanut butter and chocolate – pumpkin – lemon sherbet – blue berry – rose petal: mix up your life…keeps it interesting…

2.  Tough questions as again I have more than 1, my maternal grandmother, mother, woman who came before them…they were strong versatile women, both my children…the list is endless….they have all made me a better woman and mother

3.  It would have to be a comedian…that’s for sure..

4. again to many to choose from but at the very top…giving birth to my children, it was magical and life changing…

5.  cabin on the beach…!!

6.  my children….becoming a mother

7. first one was have children…check-check that one is done, in  1982 I told my 5 year old daughter one day I would stand on top of the Eiffel Tower, check-check did that with my daughter in 2007… around the entire USA – check-check did that 2012 with my sweetheart (Liebling)… still working the bucket list, I have had the pleasure of checking off several on mine and my husbands still working  on seeing every National Park in the continental US, and exploring every state, Stone Hedge and Castles in Europe are on a future date….

8.  coffee pot, Columbian coffee, stack of books, family pictures, a boat so I could get home again…LOL

9. Named of the Dragon by Susan Kearsley

10.  To have all my family come stay for a 2-3 week stay at a castle in Ireland all to our selves – with a full staff of course…

11.  To wish for many more wishes…..

Thank you crazyphatmommy for including me in the fun….congrats on your first award ….

and thank any of you who choose to share in this….Kathy


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