Ahhhhhhhh Its all good….anyway today it is…..

Well thanks to sonofabeach96   https://sonofabeach96.wordpress.com/ and his wonderful blog about music and many other wonderful things…He has made me start to think about my youth, Jr High, High School years right onto my early 20’s….the song above is one of my favorites and I was able to actually meet Norman and get to watch him perform this song on a Petaluma stage back in the early 70’s and I was lucky enough to be back stage…he was of course soooo cute!!!!  I was swooning…LOL  he was my kind of man…  He actually lives in our county and was in a bad auto accident in April 2015 and was in critical condition at the local hospital…I just searched everywhere and can not find any current updates on him…I hope he is well…

It was a good Monday…the fear over going to hear gloom and doom from the eye specialist today was for nothing…I didn’t get a clean bill of eye health, but over all doing fantastic….I do have early macular degeneration, its heredity but in the very early stages, no treatment at this time,  he gave me lots of tips and suggestions to help slow down the growth and with some luck in the next decade they should be coming out with a new method of treatment that does not use needles in the eye…YAY….so continue on he says and see me in 2-3 years….YAY again….so all that frigin stress eating was for nothing…my wonderful son is hooking me up with a acupuncturist who treats for macular, he will be calling me so we can have a conversation about it….excited about hearing a holistic approach to this particular diagnosis….I will keep you up dated on this topic…

Back at it today…my calorie quota is at 874 calories…feeling good about where I am in my head….almost feeling silly about the anxiety attack last night….my next thought went to what about the popsicles in the fridge….they never crossed my mind at all last night…I am going to put a sticky on the fridge door that says eat popsicles…can’t hurt…I actually fasted this morning…I did have my coffee, and thought it would be good to let digestive tract have a rest….my stomach was growling by the time I got home (3 hours later)  so I had a wonderful high protein lunch…I am thinking that I need to leave the yeast products alone for awhile…LOL and definitely no more ice cream….why set myself for failure….so way better today…thanks everyone for all your kind words of support…

Off to the gym in the morning….I will start in the pool, and also get in an hour of pool aerobics and then meet with my trainer at 11a….I am actually excited to get back at it…I am enjoying the results of the exercise and feeling so much better and so much less pain in the knee….yay….

Well my arthritis and my dogs arthritis is acting up, with the cold, damp, foggy mornings my ole bones are screaming at me…but after moving around and running my hands under the hot water…it gets better….

so until tomorrow….

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