Seems like this day is taking forever to get through…..started at the gym, pool first, the aerobic instructor was a fire cracker…talk about a good work out….then onto my trainer…we worked on new machines so that was good…I am getting more comfortable on them….then out and at the grocery by 10a….my husbands birthday so got what he wanted for dinner and an expensive bottle of champagne….and home…Just seems the day has dragged on, and on, and on….hummmm maybe it was me…I didn’t want to do anything outside…didn’t want to do anything inside…tried to take a nap…that didn’t work…just a restless day….


It was a birthday meal, cake, champagne and kids showed up with cup cakes…needless to say I am at the high end of my calorie count tonight, (1710)…Its been a real up and down week so far….I need to refocus and get back at it…so easy to fall back into old habits…

So until tomorrow….


21 thoughts on “Tuuuuueeeesssday……

  1. That’s a pretty damn good calorie count in the circumstances (happy birthday to your Hub) and the gym will have burnt a few, right? But mostly I need to tell you that I can get a bottle of pretty damn good Champagne here for around $10 … sorry – France does have it’s upsides 😉

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  2. Birthdays are definitely hard when it comes to calorie counting…just be glad they’re only once a year!!! Hopefully you dont have a birthday coming up soon but with the holiday season around the corner….watch out!!!!


  3. Sometimes if we deprive ourself for too long it comes out in a splurge. As long as it’s not a daily thing let that functioning metabolism burn off those calories and the guilt. I had a piece of my anniversary cake because I knew I wouldn’t get one otherwise with cake loving kids. Happy belated birthday to your husband enjoy that champagne. 😃


    • I agree…I was trying to add a slice of bread and occasional 1/2 potato back in my diet plan…they are both triggers, especially yeast products…so it was like a bad game of domino’s one day to another..even though I was keeping my calories down under 2000 it was the wrong food….but I am back at it and feeling positive and evaluating adding foods that I am aware are triggers…it was obvious I wasn’t ready for that…LOL thanks for the kind words….

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